Pawnshop Software

Pawndex is a true 32-bit Windows® application.
Powerful, yet easy to understand entry screens.
Integrated customer and item photographs option using inexpensive web cams.
Optional image acquisition module works with scanners, cameras, and fingerprint readers.
SDN name checking for Patriot Act compliance.
Electronic police reporting with Leads Online, BWI, and APS systems.
Prints bar coded labels for both pawns and merchandise.
Provides information necessary for the IRS Currency Transaction Report.
Flexible interest rate and service charge tables to match the way you do business.
Includes special firearms reports for BATF auditors.
Can processes multiple customer tickets in a single transaction, saving you time.
Provides options for pulling merchandise by date, loan number, or type of item.
Keeps track of merchandise storage locations, so you that don't have to.
Notes may be attached to any transaction or customer record.
Prints customer reminder notices.
Maintains complete customer history, and gives you "at a glance" customer profiles.
Includes extensive reporting, including a “make your own report” function.
Reports can be sent to any Windows® printer, previewed, or emailed.
Automatically updates the gun log as firearms enter and leave the shop.
Can print the entire gun log or only print pages with activity.
Locates guns by serial number, log number, date or customer name.
Maintains records of police confiscations.
Sales module can do "tax included" computations, so that you don't have to manually figure the tax.
Allows the sale of items with or without inventory numbers.
Can open electronic cash drawers and provides multiple cash drawer balancing by drawer or clerk.
Cash transaction feature tracks movement of cash, such as cash to drawer.
Accurately calculates sales tax, even on sales with a mixture of taxable and non-taxable items.
Produces sales tax figures monthly.
Works with true point of sale receipt printers, for professional looking receipts.